3 kitchen hacks that can instantly turn anyone into an at-home chef

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Follow these helpful kitchen tips and enjoy the restaurant-quality results. (Source: iStock)

Eating at home is becoming more and more popular because it’s cost-effective and generally a more healthy option than going out to eat. It can actually be pretty exciting to plan out a week of affordable and nutritious home-cooked meals, but when it comes down to it, cooking every night takes a lot of effort.

After a long day at work, mundane tasks like chopping garlic, storing prepped veggies and washing dishes can seem impossible, but by utilizing these three simple hacks you can improve your efficiency in the kitchen. These ideas can help you cut down your cooking and cleaning time so you’ll be inspired to create your own homemade meals every night.

1. Simplify repetitive tasks

Using a versatile garlic press can help make mundane crushing and peeling take far less time. (Source: Amazon)

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A huge portion of the time we spend in the kitchen is spent doing repetitive tasks like chopping garlic or peeling vegetables. Professional chefs rely on their sous chefs to do a lot of the prep work, but at home, you’ll need to make sure your prep is as easy as possible. Make sure your peelers are sharp and pick up a good garlic press that can save you hours of garlic mincing, potato mashing and more.

Try prepping all of your hearty vegetables at the beginning of the week so they’re chopped and stored in your fridge when you need them. You can even measure the exact amount you need before storing them so they’re ready to go when you whip up your next recipe. An hour of chopping and crushing on Sunday can save you multiple hours over the course of the week.

Check out this great recipe for frozen minced garlic you can keep at the ready for months.

2. Kitchen gadgets with multiple uses

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The best kitchen gadgets serve more than one purpose. Space is limited in the kitchen, and gadgets with multiple uses allow you to pack more functionality into less counter space. For example, this bamboo cutting board comes with built-in storage and can make it easy to keep your cutting board clear as you chop one vegetable after another. Plus, it has a built-in grader so you won’t have to dig around your cabinets looking for your other one.

3. Use dishwasher-safe products

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You might be surprised to learn just how many kitchen products are not dishwasher safe. Wooden spoons and utensils with plastic handles can start to break down after going through the dishwasher too many times, and some dishes will crack from the heat of the dishwasher. By making sure your utensils, containers and gadgets are dishwasher safe, you’ll save yourself from having to wash them by hand.

Make sure to choose strong heat-resistant equipment that will last for years, so you won’t have to buy replacements or spend precious time scrubbing. Cooking at home is much more enjoyable when you can sit down after dinner and let a machine do the majority of the clean-up.

Cooking at home can save you money and make you feel healthier and more accomplished than ever. With these three kitchen hacks, you’ll be cooking like a true home chef in no time. Start putting these ideas into practice so you can begin enjoying the benefits of whipping up delicious meals at home.

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