5 Easy Steps to Start Forex Trading: A Beginner’s Guide

Forex Trading is one of the ways you can earn some money on the side. However, it requires sufficient knowledge before you can dive into the trade. The following are 5 easy steps to start forex trading;

Pick a Reputable Forex Broker

You should never choose any forex trader you come across. Take your time and pick a reputable forex broker.

Consider security and legitimacy, transaction costs, simple deposit and withdrawals, ease of use, customer service and additional services.

Begin With Demo Trades

Various broker platforms give you an option to start with demo trading and virtual money. This takes away the beginner’s risk and gives you access to all that you require to start learning about forex trading.

Use Micro Accounts

Even though a demo account will help you to start, it doesn’t give you that aspect of using your hard-earned cash. Therefore, after the demo trading, you need to start trading small. This can be done through micro accounts which limit you to trade using small amounts of cash before you move to the next step.

Don’t Stop Learning

Take your time to learn more and more about forex trading. This can be achieved through beginners’ sites. Learn about market terms, probabilities, markets, strategies, etc.

Learn About Currency Pairs

This is a very critical part of forex trading. You need to know about the various currency pairs that are available to traders. A great example is the EUR/USD pair which happens to be among the most popular. However, there are many pairs out there that you can explore and trade with.


Before you dive fully into forex trading, it is essential to take your time through all these steps. Rushing will only make it worse. Pick a trusted broker, learn the techniques and strategies, and practice using your demo account. The internet has all the information as well as YouTube.



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