5 Things to Know How Rolex Makes Watches

Rolex is certainly the most unique brand out there. They produce some of the best if not the best watches in the world. The making of these timeless pieces is crowded by a lot of mystery. However, this article tries to explain some of the mysteries of Rolex. The following are some of the things about how Rolex makes its watches;

1. It takes a Full year to make One Rolex Watch

Rolex claims that it takes a whole year for them to make a single watch. They also produce almost a million pieces a year. They do this in order to achieve some of their objectives which are, efficiency and quality. The entity is focused at making some of the best watches and coming up with new and unique ways to make them better.

2. Rolex Dive Watches Are Tested in Pressurized Tanks With Water

For water resistant models, Rolex individually submerges their pieces in a pressurized water tank in order to test for resistance. Every Rolex Oyster and Oyster dive watches are inserted into the air pressure tank to test their resistance and durability. 

After the air pressure, the watch is then tested for water resistance. For submariner watches, they are inserted in huge tubes that have water. This is to ensure that they are resistant to water up to 300 meters.

Not only are these tests important but also very complex due to the fact that Rolex uses a very intricate system for testing if water somehow managed to make its way into the case. 

3. They are Hand Assembled with the Use of Sophisticated Machines

Rolex has been very secretive on how they make their watches. A huge misconception was that they used machines to make their products.

The watches are given all the hands-on human attention that you would expect from a classy Swiss watch. They also use machines, they employ the use of the most sophisticated and unique watch making machines in the world. The machines come in handy in cases where humans may not achieve the required perfection. However, most of the machines are human-operated.

4. Rolex has their Own Science Lab

Rolex boasts of having its own Research and Development Department. They not only have one but a series of well-equipped science labs where they carry out their own research.

The purpose of this labs is not only to do the systematic research about watches as expected but also to work on things that may improve their products. In addition, the labs are used for developing and researching metals, gases, and lubricants that may affect the Rolex products.

5. Rolex Uses a Unique Steel

If you are a Rolex lover then you will be aware that they use a very unique and different steel that is not used by any other watch makers. All the stainless steel Rolex watches are made from 904L steel.

Other ‘normal’ watches use a stainless steel known as 316L. They moved from this steel in the year 2003. The unique feature about the steel is that it is more expensive and more complicated to machines. 

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