5 things under $15 that can give your bathroom an easy upgrade

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A little work can definitely go a long way when it comes to bathroom decor. (Source: Amazon)

Bathrooms are usually small and functional, so it’s understandable that you haven’t put a lot of thought into decorating yours. After all, it’s a place where we store our toiletries, medicine, skincare products and other necessities. How do you make it look fresh and inviting with all the things that need to be stored in it?

A bathroom’s functionality doesn’t mean that we should neglect its aesthetic. If you’re looking to give your bathroom an upgrade for less, then we have just the products for you.

Enhance the space with products such as a silicone toiletry organizer, some Poo-Pourri, a unique steel toilet paper holder, a set of clear glass soap dispensers and a set of wooden soap holders. Check out these great deals.

Affix this holder to glass, tile and more to keep your toothbrush right where you need it. (Source: Amazon)

$12.99 at Amazon

Whether you prefer to brush your teeth in the shower or at the sink, this silicone toothbrush holder has you covered. It sticks to glass, mirrors, tiles and more, giving you a wide range of places for this simple upgrade. Why shell out $25 to $35 on a toothbrush and toothpaste holder when this one does it all for less than $15? Grab this $12 upgrade to save space on your counter and avoid unhygienic accidents.


With a simple spritz of this spray, your bathroom will always smell heavenly. (Source: Amazon)

$9.97 at Amazon

We all know what a bathroom is used for but we don’t need to need a stinky reminder of it every time we step inside! That’s what Poo-Pourri is for: spritz it into the toilet before going to the bathroom to trap pesky scents before they have the chance to seep into the rest of the house. It’s effective, fragrant and affordable. Instead of spending upwards of $25 for fancy sprays, add this product to your Amazon cart for less than $10.

Add a touch of personal style to your bathroom. (Source: Amazon)

$10.99 at Amazon

A great way to personalize a bathroom is with a toilet paper dispenser. This dispenser features a unique design that holds two rolls of toilet paper at once. It’s a great way to make your bathroom look classy for less. Other toilet paper holders can cost anywhere from $20 to $60, while this one is currently only $10. Grab this affordable bathroom upgrade today.

This pack of two refillable dispensers is just $15. (Source: Amazon)

$14.99 at Amazon

Soap dispensers are an essential part of any bathroom. Buying single-use soap bottles gets expensive and wasteful, so why not opt for an alternative that is better for your wallet and the planet? That’s where this dispenser comes in: store soap and a moisturizing hand lotion next to the sink in one convenient place. Fancy soap dispensers can cost anywhere from $20 to $60; give your bathroom counter a chic upgrade for less than $15 with this two-pack of glass soap bottles.

This wooden soap dish won’t get dirty or scummy. (Source: Amazon)

$7.58 $7.98 at Amazon

Bar soap is a great option for the sink and the shower, but everybody knows that soap scum from a wet bar of soap on a ceramic dish is unsightly. Avoid a soapy mess with these handcrafted, wooden holders for less than $10.

This set of waterproof soap dishes is currently priced at $7.98. There’s also an online coupon you can clip and apply at checkout for 5% off. Be sure to grab this bathroom upgrade while the coupon is still eligible.

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