9 Interesting Facts about Nipples that Women Must know

9 Interesting Facts about Nipples that Women Must know

In the earlier posts, we have seen some amazing facts about Vagina and answered some of the questions men wish to ask girls about their breasts. It’s no wonder there is a lot of hype surrounding
women’s breasts. From trying to figure out if there is actually something such as a perfect breast shape to the perfect bra size. However, we often fail to pay attention to the tiny little body parts known as nipples. Yes, there is certainly much more to women’s nipples than the ability to feed offspring. Here we will share 9 Interesting facts about nipples.

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9 Surprising Facts about Nipples

In this article, let’s explore in detail some of the amazing and interesting facts about nipples that every woman must know. 

1. Different Nipple colours

Anatomy of a Female Breast

The colour of the areolar region i.e., Nipple colour varies from woman to woman. Some have pink, pale pink, pink to orange, light brown, brown, dark brown and black. The colour of the nipples depends on hereditary. The colour of the nipples generally gets darker during pregnancy.

2. Different Types of Nipple Size & Shape

8 Different Types of Nipples of women

Yes, there are 8 different types of nipples and your nipple will fall in either one of these categories. The size of nipples is also varied and some have puffy nipples which are most popular among women. And some have flat and inverted nipples too.

3. Pointed Nipples are more sensitive

8 Different Types of Nipples shapes

Several nerves end at the nipples and they serve as pleasure points. If you take small boobs the nerve endings are pointed whereas in the case of large boobs the nerve endings are not that pointed. That is the reason why women with small boobs enjoy it more since the nipple gets hard easily as they are pointed.

4. Like Vagina Orgasm the Nipplegasm is also real

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It is exactly what it sounds like–orgasming via nipple touching alone. Generally, women get orgasms in Vagina. And some women may actually reach orgasm through nipple stimulation. However, your nipples need to be really sensitive for the same and the experience completely depends from person to person. Stimulating nipples have a good effect on breast health and overall woman health.

5. Some people have more than two nipples

Some people do have extra nipples which are known as supernumerary nipples. Yes, the presence of multiple is known as polymastia or polythelia. An Indian man was found to have seven extra nipples in the year 2012.

6. A Few Women have Hairy Nipples

There may be hair around the nipples like men have. If you were worried about tiny bumps of hair follicles or thick, black hair around your areola, it is important to remember that hairy nipple are a pretty common occurrence among women.

From fluctuations in hormones, overproduction of male hormones, certain medications and medical conditions, there are plenty of reasons why you have coarse and wiry hairs on your nipples.

7. Nipple makeup is a thing

No, we are not kidding. The Japanese have actually invented something known as nipple makeup which is used to provide a pinkish tint to those nips. The idea is said to be originated from the fact that Asian nipples are usually browner in colour.

8. Hard Nipples and Sexual Arousal

Great Sex Pleasure

While there are a lot of reasons why nipples get erect, sexual arousal might top the list. More often than not, the first sign of sexual arousal in women is the swelling of the nipples up to 25%.

9. Bigger Size Nipples

The size of the areola differs from no areolar region to a larger areolar region of around ~3 inches in diameter
(this is a rough value and some even have bigger than that).


I hope you enjoyed these surprising facts of nipples.