All Jersey poultry keepers urged to register flocks


Poultry keepers must register flocks regardless of size

Bird flu safeguards have been stepped up in Jersey after six more cases were confirmed.

Tests on six chickens which died in St Lawrence came back positive for the virus said Jersey’s government.

As a result all poultry keepers must register their flocks, regardless of size, said deputy chief veterinary officer Caroline Terburgh.

A new 1.8 mile (3km) radius protection zone will be introduced around the property in the Mont Felard area.

Ms Terburgh said: “Registering with us ensures that we can easily keep you up to date with details about bird flu outbreaks, guidance on how to best look after flocks, and legal information and movement restrictions.

“We urgently need the help of all birdkeepers in the island to help keep this outbreak in check, and this means taking this seriously and ensuring birds are housed, whether you are a major poultry keeper or have just a few that normally roam your backyard, for example.”

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