Amazon just nearly ‘sawed’ the price of this name brand chainsaw in half

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Make yard work a breeze with the help of a battery-powered chainsaw. (Source: iStock)

Give those trees a good trim with this chainsaw set

Now that winter is well behind us, spring is a great time to finally start getting around to your outdoor project list. If you’ve got plans to clean up your yard, it’s important to make sure you’ve got the right tools for all those outdoor chores.

There aren’t many jobs as time-consuming or frustrating as trying to cut down a tree or trim a bush without the proper tools. Without a reliable chainsaw, you can end up spending hours of painstaking work trimming your overgrown greenery.

Fortunately, Amazon has a perfectly-timed deal on a chainsaw for nearly 40% off to help make tree trimming more convenient.

Greenworks 24V 10″ Battery-Powered Chainsaw

This battery-powered chainsaw set comes with everything you need to get those trees and hedges in tip-top shape. (Source: Amazon)

$79.50 $129.99 at Amazon

When considering which chainsaw works best for you, you’ll need to determine what jobs you plan to use it for because not all chainsaws are made equally. Larger, gas-powered chainsaws are ideal for cutting larger tree trunks, while smaller, battery-powered saws are great for cutting limbs, smaller trees and bushes. This almost 40% off Greenworks chainsaw is great for those smaller yard jobs.

This chainsaw is lightweight, easily maneuverable, and holds a charge for up to 35 cuts. With 500 horsepower, this battery-powered chainsaw is more than capable of making cuts on branches, bushes and small trees with ease.

This deal is pretty great—especially when you consider the whole set. Not only is the chainsaw just $75, this set also includes a 24v lithium-ion battery and charging port, saving you from having to buy them separately. With over 990 five-star ratings on Amazon, this Greenworks chainsaw is a popular choice for landscaping around the yard.

The perfect chainsaw for quick jobs

If you’ve ever had to do some branch trimming or small tree clearing without a chainsaw, you’ve probably spent some time wishing you had one. Chainsaws make the work much easier and much faster. Now you can get yourself a lightweight, environmentally-friendly one for just over $79 on Amazon.

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