Amazon secretly launched a massive sale on all things health and beauty

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Enjoy cooler temperatures by pampering your body. (Source: iStock)

As the weather changes from summer to fall, it’s a great time to get back to a serene beauty routine and enjoy taking care of yourself. While the temperatures start to come back down, you need some trustworthy products to nourish your body and mind. Luckily, Amazon has secretly released a sale on their Beauty Favorites, just in time for the upcoming season.

This moisturizer soothes and calms.

$6.65 $14.99 at Amazon

This moisturizer is sure to give you a hydrated and glowing complexion. The formula is specifically made for sensitive skin and is clinically proven to moisturize sensitive skin without leaving any redness or irritation behind. It’s also been dermatologist and allergy tested to ensure it can be used by all skin types and even has the National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance.

Infused with aloe vera, these razors give a smooth, close shave.

$9.39 at Amazon

With these razors, you’ll get a flawless, nick-free shave for smooth and soft skin. These shavers are equipped with three sharp blades to adhere to your curves without hurting your skin. The strip of aloe vera and vitamin E makes for a lubricating and hydrating feel as you easily glide across your skin. There’s no need to worry if you’ve got sensitive skin because these razors are made for all skin types. With 10 razors at just $9.39, you’ll be smooth in no time.

This body wash refill is great for dry and sensitive skin.

$10.87 at Amazon

This creamy body wash removes dirt, oil and bacteria while hydrating and moisturizing your skin. The pouch is made with eco-friendly packaging that saves 80% of plastic from harming the environment. This formula has also been specifically created without dyes, parabens, phthalates, and alcohol, making it safe for all skin types. At just $10.87, you can feel and look good when you purchase this body wash.

Get yourself looking and feeling great with these low-cost items. Hurry before these deals expire!

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