Britney Spears’s ex tried to break into her bedroom on her wedding day, guard testifies

Britney Spears’s ex Jason Alexander who crashed her wedding earlier this month had also tried to enter her bedroom, a security guard has testified in court.

Alexander, a childhood friend of Spears, was her first husband. The former couple were wedded for less than three days in 2004 before getting the marriage annulled.

On 9 June, Alexander reached Spears’s house in Los Angeles and told security guards that his ex-wife had invited him to her wedding to Sam Asghari.

He could be heard saying in a video of the incident that he was going to crash the wedding. A “physical struggle” was reported to have taken place.

“She’s my first wife, my only wife,” Alexander could be heard telling security. “I’m her first husband, I’m here to crash the wedding.”

Police officers responding to the scene arrested him for trespassing, vandalism and battery.

‘I’m her first husband, I’m here to crash the wedding,’ Jason Alexander could be heard telling security (Getty/Instagram)

In the most recent update from the preliminary hearing in Alexander’s felony stalking case, guard Richard Eubeler told the court that he had followed Alexander upstairs towards Spears’s bedroom.

Upon realising the door was locked, Alexander “started reaching into his right pocket,” Eubeler said. “I drew my weapon and held it to my chest.”

A sheriff’s deputy also said he found a “Gerber folding box cutter” in Alexander’s possession.

In his defence, Alexander’s attorney Sandra Bisignani argued there was no evidence her client had any intention of harming Spears.

The judge ruled he found probable cause to send Alexander to trial for felony stalking among other misdemeanors.

Alexander, whose bail amount was fixed at $100,000, is still in jail and is scheduled to appear in court again on 12 July.

Earlier this month, in an interview with TMZ, Spears’s lawyer Matthew Rosengart thanked the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office and District Attorney for taking the matter “very, very seriously”, adding that he was “outraged by what happened”.

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