California police sergeant resigned after engaging in oral sex on duty, report says

A Pismo Beach Police Department sergeant resigned last month after engaging in oral sex while on duty, among other violations, according to documents obtained by The Tribune.

Adrian Souza had worked for the agency for about 14 years, and served as a sergeant for about three years.

According to a report by the police department’s Internal Affairs Division, which the Tribune obtained via a public records request , Souza engaged in consensual oral sex at least three times while on duty.

He also sent sexually explicit messages, photos and videos via text and Facebook while on the job, including a photo of his penis sticking outside his police uniform pants and a suggestive video of himself unzipping his pants while in full uniform, the documents show.

According to the Internal Affairs report, Souza began a consensual on-and-off dating relationship with a woman a few weeks after Souza pulled her over for not wearing a seat belt in July 2020.

A few weeks after the traffic stop, the two reportedly ran into each other while the woman, who is identified as a local journalist in the report, was reporting on a water rescue in Shell Beach.

The woman told investigators she sent Souza wine and her personal cell phone number, which was on her business card, to thank him for letting her go with a warning during the traffic stop.

Former Pismo Beach Police Department sergeant Adrian Souza appears in a sexually suggestive video that he sent while on duty, according to an investigation by the agency’s Internal Affairs Division.

Souza told investigators that he did not receive wine, only a thank you card.

Souza and the woman began texting, then dated on and off until April 2021, according to the report. The two continued to text until June 2021.

While they were dating, the two mostly met while Souza was off-duty, but had some on-duty encounters at Jenkins Middle School in Pismo Beach and the Shell Beach tennis courts, both parties told investigators.

Souza told investigators that he and the woman kissed and chatted briefly during their on-duty meetings. But the woman said they would “make out,” engage in heavy petting and on some occasions Souza would stimulate her with his fingers, according to the report.

The two kept in touch after their break up, despite Souza having a new girlfriend in June 2021, the report said.

The complaint the woman sent to the Pismo Beach Police Department alleges she and Souza met four times between November and January. During those encounters, she said, Souza would receive oral sex while on duty, in full uniform and driving a marked police vehicle.

“While I expect better behavior of myself for doing such a shameful act with a taken man, I know you expect your officers to hold themselves to the highest standard of honor and service,” the woman said in the complaint.

The Internal Affairs investigation found a total of 20 potential violations of the city of Pismo Beach’s personnel rules and regulations and the Pismo Beach Police Department’s policy manual, 13 of which were sustained.

Souza was sent a notice of termination on May 25 after the three-month investigation concluded. He resigned from the department on June 10 before his termination could take effect.

“The city of Pismo Beach has made available redacted records pertaining to former Sergeant Souza, consistent with California law,” Jorge Garcia, Pismo Beach assistant city manager, wrote in an email to The Tribune. “These records and related investigation materials indicate that the former officer engaged in inappropriate conduct while on duty with a consenting adult partner.”

“When first alerted to this conduct, the city took action within hours and proceeded to conduct a lengthy and thorough investigation,” Garcia wrote. “The sergeant is no longer a member of the Pismo Beach Police Department as he chose to resign prior to the conclusion of the disciplinary process.”

As of midday Thursday, Souza had not been charged with a crime related to his on-duty conduct.

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