Copia affiliate agent; How to Become one and earn extra income in Kenya.

If you own a retail outlet in Kenya, you can boost your income by registering and working as an affiliate agent for Copia. Copia is an e-commerce platform that collaborates with business owners to distribute goods ordered online by customers. Whether you operate a small canteen, a barbershop, grocery store, salon, or a large retail shop, Copia does not discriminate. This has enabled them to serve customers in Kenya’s most remote areas—unlike similar e-commerce companies such as Jumia and Kilimall. Copia currently has over 11,500 delivery points and over 80 delivery trucks.

Copia provides various types of goods, including household items, foodstuffs, electronics, fashion, personal care products, baby products, construction materials, animal feeds, etc. As a Copia affiliate agent, you will get an opportunity to earn up to KES 20,000 per month by referring customers to buy their products online. You will also help them place orders and assist with delivery. 

How to Become a Copia Affiliate Agent

  • You must be a business owner and your premises are within Copia’s coverage area.
  • You must have an active telephone number.
  • You must have a working email address.
Steps to Follow:
  1. To begin, follow this link to fill an online application form to be a Copia affiliate agent.
  2. You must fill in all your details, like name, gender, occupation, region, email address, etc.
  3. In addition to your personal and contact details, you must state whether you have access to a laptop and the number of people you know who may need Copia services.
  4. Double-check the form and submit it.
  5. Next, wait for Copia management to contact you. This will take up to five working days.

When you finally get approved as a Copia affiliate agent, all that is left is to put in the work. You will now have to look for as many customers as possible to order goods through your business. For a start, you can start with the people you know, like family and friends. Your Copia affiliate business will grow as more people learn about what you do.

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