Create campfire vibes anytime and anywhere with this Shark Tank-famous product

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Camp out this summer with this eco-friendly campfire featured on CNBC’s Shark Tank. (Source: iStock)

Season Nine of CNBC’s hit series Shark Tank featured a new round of inventors and entrepreneurs pitching their ideas in the hopes of making them a profitable reality. The show connects them to big-name investors like Mark Cuban, who just launched a pharmaceutical company selling medicine on the cheap, and ‘Real Housewife’-turned-fashion mogul Bethenny Frankel.

One great idea the angel investors breathed into life is the Portable Campfire, which brings you closer to the ideal summer by providing you with a bonfire you can carry in a backpack. Check out the details on this cool invention from radiate below.

Simplify your campfire

This little bonfire gives you lots ‘s’more’ flexibility next time you’re out camping. (Source: Amazon)

$29.99 at Amazon

The radiate Portable Campfire has a simple and unintrusive design with its cylinder body only measuring about eight inches across that conceals a set of wicks under the lid. To use, you just simply need to light the wick like you would a candle, and you’ll soon have a fire big enough to toast any marshmallow.

The flame lasts for three hours and produces neither smoke nor ash. You can either let it run out and extinguish itself, or you can put the cap back on to put out the flame and save the Portable Campfire for the next fun trip.

Since the whole campfire fits in the can, you don’t have to worry about finding or building a fire pit to roast weenies. You can have an eco-friendly bonfire at picnics, tailgates or on your back porch. Clean-up is pretty easy, too. Just cap the container, and move on with your day once it has cooled down.

Don’t miss this essential Portable Campfire from radiate. Get yours today on Amazon, then check the shopping hub to find more bargains on all sorts of summer essentials.

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