Custom Exhaust System; 7 Reasons why you should consider installing

A lot of auto manufacturers use affordable, standardized parts to fit a large number of mass-produced automobiles. They aren’t concerned about maximizing each vehicle’s performance, especially when it comes to torque and horsepower. This is why many vehicle owners opt to install aftermarket exhaust systems. It’s one of the best ways to boost horsepower, torque and other performance factors.

Here are 7 reasons why you should consider installing a custom exhaust system, according to exhaust experts.

It’s Customized for You and Your Car

Whether you keep the stock exhaust system that came with your vehicle or you install an aftermarket kit, they will use mass-produced parts. Bolt-on kits will usually offer some performance advantages and look stylish, but they still aren’t tuned in exactly to your car, or SUV. A truly custom-designed exhaust system will let you define the style you want and achieve the performance you desire.

Better Bends = Better Exhaust Flow

Most factory-made exhaust systems (and many aftermarket ones) will use what’s called a “crush bend” to shape the exhaust pipes. This decreases the diameter in the bent sections of the pipe and thus slows the exhaust gases travelling through the pipes. A good custom exhaust build will use “mandrel bends” that maintain a constant diameter for the most consistent exhaust flow possible. This frees up the power in the engine for the boosts in horsepower and torque you are looking for.

Larger Diameter Pipes

A custom exhaust can allow you to use exhaust pipes with larger diameters than the stock ones. This can improve the flow of exhaust gases even more for increased engine performance. However, if you go too big, you might be hurting the vehicle’s performance, which is why it makes sense to work with professional custom exhaust builders like us who will help you make the right decisions.

Higher Quality Materials

Mild steel is fairly common in automobile production when it comes to exhaust components. It’s fine, but it tends to deteriorate over time. This can lead to exhaust leaks and performance issues the longer you own the vehicle. Higher-grade aftermarket exhausts will often utilize aluminized steel or stainless steel for increased


The Sound and the Feeling

There is simply a difference you will feel and hear when you have a better exhaust system. From the custom pipes to the muffler you select, you will notice the added power when you drive. As for sound, that’s completely up to you. You can make the engine louder and more aggressive, which is what a lot of people want in an aftermarket exhaust. Or if you prefer, you can even install a top-quality muffler that makes it run a little quieter without sacrificing the horsepower gains. The possibilities are endless with a custom exhaust system!

The more efficient your exhaust system is, the more efficient your engine will run. This typically leads to better fuel mileage. Many custom and kit exhausts are designed specifically with this in mind. Some will boost the torque and horsepower so much, however, that it has the opposite effect. The engine has to burn more fuel to keep up with the increased power output. A good custom exhaust system can help you find the right balance between performance and fuel economy.

It’s a Reflection of You

We love our vehicles, whether we drive them every day or only for fun. Some of us love our cars more than others. A custom exhaust is a reflection of your style and it’s one way to allow you and your car to make a statement. It goes beyond just looking cool like a sweet paint job or body kit parts, though. It increases the power and performance of your vehicle. A custom exhaust offers both form and function advantages, as you can see.

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