Discover Long Island scores Telly, eTSY awards

Discover  Long Island recently scored two national awards – a Telly, and an eTSY  (eTourism Summit Excellence).

The destination-marketing organization scored the eTSY  for Innovation in Podcasting for its Long Island Tea podcast earlier in June, and a Silver Telly for Long island TV, a YouTube series, in May.

The recognitions “for our digital content is an incredible honor and further establishes Discover Long Island as one of the best DMOs in the nation,” Discover Long Island President and CEO Kristen Reynolds said in a statement.

The shows are part of the organization’s social media strategy to drum up interest in the region from locals and would-be visitors alike.

“The creative and dedicated team at Discover Long Island works tirelessly to generate quality and compelling content that showcases the depth and breadth of life on Long Island, and I could not be more proud of the national acclaim and recognition that their efforts and our destination is receiving as a result,” she said.

The organization hosts, creates, writes, produces, edits and distributes its content completely in house.

Created in the early days of the pandemic, Long Island TV increased Discover Long Island’s YouTube channel brought more than 1 million views from people tuning in to learn about local businesses, attractions and cultural experiences.

“Now, more than ever, it is necessary to celebrate video work that reflects the top tier of our industry, such as Discover Long Island,” Telly Awards Executive Director Sabrina Dridje said in a statement. “This year’s submissions reflect an industry that has returned to the important work of storytelling, one that has returned with a new perspective that values innovation, agility, equity, and tenacious creativity.”

The podcast was launched in November 2020, showcasing the region, and includes guests such as Twisted Sister’s Dee Snyder and other local celebrities.  The podcast is sponsored by Long Island Wine Country, and has been downloaded more than 18.400 times and scored more than 27,600 views in more than 28 countries.

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