Don’t forget these 5 essentials for a killer summer cookout

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Summer fun just got a whole lot easier thanks to these great Amazon products. (Source: iStock)

Nothing says summertime fun like cooking burgers on an open flame, hearing children play in the sun and relaxing with friends and family in the backyard. These are the things that summer dreams are made of, and what better way to spend your afternoons than with a good old-fashioned cookout.

You’ll have a blast this summer when you fire up the grill and gather everyone for a fun-filled day. Whether you want to make your food easier to carry, cool down with a summer treat, play games everyone will love or wind down with a campfire staple, these amazing products will have family and friends raving about your next cookout for years to come.

This cookout classic just got more convenient

Eating homemade burgers is made much easier with the Burger Buddy sandwich holders. (Source: Amazon)

$24.99 at Amazon

You can’t have a successful cookout without serving up some delicious hamburgers. Make carrying this go-to summer food a little easier with the Burger Buddy Sandwich holder. These flexible, silicone bowls help you transport your patties without making a mess.

Each of these heat-resistant holders has a square base so you can put your burger down without worrying about it tipping over. Now you can finally keep your clothes and hands tidy with these convenient sandwich holders and enjoy your burger goodness with ease.

Make your own popsicles in any flavor

Make your favorite frozen dessert with Mamasicles’ silicone popsicle molds. (Source: Amazon)

$11.99 at Amazon

Don’t let the summer heat get you down, make your own cool treats with Mamasicles popsicle molds instead! Fill up these eco-friendly, reusable molds with natural fruit, juice or yogurt and pop them in the freezer for a healthy summer treat.

These silicone molds come with a drip tray at their base so you won’t have to worry about sticky hands while enjoying your frozen creation.

Enjoy water balloon fights that never have to end

Soak in the summer fun with these reusable water balls from GMEZZO. (Source: Amazon)

$21.24 $24.99 at Amazon

Who doesn’t like water games in the summer? The GMEZZO water soaker balls are perfect for beating the heat during any outdoor activity. Kids will enjoy tons of fun when they play with these brightly colored, water-absorbing soaker balls.

Regular water balloon fights end once they all pop, but with these soft reusable soaker balls, you can keep the battle for hours on end. This set includes 56 durable water balloons, a colorful water gun and a mesh bag for convenient storage.

A new twist on the classic game of catch

These flying rings from Activ Life will give the kids hours of outdoor fun. (Source: Amazon)

$13.99 $22.99 at Amazon

Get ready to have a blast with the world’s easiest flyers to throw and catch. The Activ Life kid’s flying rings are the perfect addition for your next cookout. Keep kids and adults entertained when they play a game of catch with this set of two colorful flying discs.

A modern spin on traditional frisbees, these flyers are designed to fly straight and can be easily caught by small hands. Catch them with your wrist or foot to challenge yourself while showing off your skills.

Now you can make s’mores indoors

No need for a campfire to make smores thanks to this useful kitchen tool from Progressive International. (Source: Amazon)

$14.09 at Amazon

When you think of summer nights, you probably think of sitting by a fire and roasting marshmallows for smores, which can sometimes cause quite a mess. Now you can get this classic treat right out of the microwave with the Progressive Prep Solutions smores maker.

The innovative design of this smores maker allows you to make tasty smores in just 30 seconds. Simply fill up the water reservoir, stack your ingredients on the tray, and place it in the microwave. The marshmallow and chocolate heat up evenly to make the perfect smores with each and every use.

Upgrade your cookouts

Don’t miss out on these five essentials this season to host a killer summer cookout. You’ll keep the kids entertained and enjoy your favorite treats mess-free when you incorporate all of these popular Amazon finds.

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