Essential items for every teacher’s desk that have nothing to do with teaching

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Turn your desk into a castle with these fun and useful accessories

Teaching’s a hard enough job without any help. The end of summer vacation is just as painful for you as it is for the kids. But unlike them, you will spend the school year managing dozens of kids who rely on you. Make sure that while you’re taking care of them, you’re taking care of yourself, too. Here are some must-haves to relieve stress and maximize self-care.

Stress ball

A classic fidget toy like a stress ball can help teachers as much as students.

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Kids have their slime, and adults have their version of fidget toys. Stress balls, like these printed with positive affirmations, help you stay focused and calm.

Hand sanitizer

Keep yourself healthy with some scented hand sanitizer.

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This one’s a no-brainer — get some hand sanitizer. Teachers spend most of their time interacting with dozens if not hundreds of people a day. A scented gel like Purell’s new Refreshing line also works as aromatherapy.

Moisturizing lotion

Moisturizing lotion is a self-care essential.

Caption: Moisturizing lotion is a self-care essential.

Fall brings drier weather, making moisturizing more important for people who work with their hands all day. Keep your hands soft with a high-quality lotion, like this one with a blend of essential oils.

Desk fan

A desk fan fills your classroom with a pleasant breeze.

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Climate control is a luxury every teacher deserves. A bladeless fan is perfect for classrooms because it is quiet and has no moving parts for kids’ fingers to get caught in.

Candy Jar

A candy jar is a status symbol and a management tool.

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Keeping something tasty in sight serves as motivation for the kids. Invest in a good candy jar for your desk to keep individually-wrapped treats for you and the students. Ronald Reagan filled his with jellybeans, but you can put anything whimsical into this glass candy jar that looks like a realistic zipper bag for cute street cred.

Water bottle

Keep yourself focused and refreshed with a timed water bottle that reminds you to hydrate

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Keep yourself healthy by focusing on the basics. A timed water bottle serves as a visible reminder to drink water and stay hydrated.

Travel mug

A good travel mug is the difference between an energized morning and a stained shirt.

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The perfect travel mug is one you never have to think about. Make sure yours is sanitary, insulated, and expresses your inner aesthetic, like a lunar-themed voyager mug.

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