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Picnics are a great way to gather together and enjoy some tasty food. (Source: iStock)

Summer is still in full swing! That means it’s time to get in all those warm-weather activities you’ll be missing once the fall season arrives. Nothing quite says summertime like a nice picnic lunch in the park with loved ones. The cute picnics on Pinterest can be yours with these functional and aesthetic products.

If you’ve never planned a picnic before or you’ve just got old, outdated gear, we’ve got just the items to help, starting as low as $13!

Stainless Steel Watermelon Slicer

Save yourself some time and stress with this watermelon slicer that cuts perfect cubes every time. (Source: Amazon)

$12.37 at Amazon

A great start to any picnic is with some mouth-watering fruit. Summertime watermelon is always an excellent choice. It’s refreshing, cool and probably the quintessential summertime fruit.

Unfortunately, it can a bit of a tedious task getting the giant fruit cut up into slices or chunks. That’s where the Stainless Steel Watermelon Slicer comes in to save the day.

This slicer features a serve easy tool for quick cutting and serving. The automatic cutting blade makes it easier than ever to get even slices every time. All you have to do is push the slicing tool into the watermelon and it’ll cuts it into cubes for you.

Feel free to use the watermelon chopper around the whole family thanks to the rounded edges and non-sharp blades. Even the kids can pitch in and help prepare for your family picnic.

Perfect Picnic Charcuterie

This portable picnic table is great for wine and charcuterie lovers. (Source: Amazon)

$39.99 at Amazon

Perfect for a romantic charcuterie or girl’s brunch with bottomless mimosas, this portable picnic table is essential if you want to picnic like a pro. Don’t worry about spilling with convenient cup holders for your wine glass and beverage bottles.

Made of bamboo, this little table makes the perfect cheese board while being extremely light. You can put this in your tote without weighing down your picnic bag. Equipped with four different cheese knives, you’ll be prepared to go on the best picnic of your life and slice cheese expertly.

And even if it’s not picnic season, this board is great for breakfast in bed, so you’ll definitely get your money’s worth.

Extra Large Picnic Blanket

Embrace picnic tradition with this iconic red and white checkered blanket. (Source: Amazon)

$23.99 $39.99 at Amazon

One of the most important parts of your picnic is the blanket. While laying in the grass can be fun, there’s nothing like laying down an iconic red and white gingham picnic blanket and setting up your food spread.

This particular picnic blanket features a classic design and its extra-large size can comfortably fit up to four adults, making it suitable for families. It’s machine-washable and made with three layers of high-quality materials. The top is made of smooth polyester, the middle is a soft sponge and the bottom is a durable, waterproof oxford.

There’s no need to fret over spills either since this dirt-resistant picnic blanket can be thrown in the washer once you’ve made it home.

Wicker Picnic Basket

This classic style basket is a precious way to store your picnic necessities. (Source: Amazon)

$40.99 at Amazon

If you’re in the mood for a romantic picnic, a cute basket is always the way to go. With this adorable Wicker Picnic Basket with Lid and Handle you’ll have plenty of room to pack up all your partner’s favorite food and utensils. This basket has that signature picnic look while still being sturdy and long-lasting. Thanks to its strong lid, you can be sure your goodies are locked in and secure from the elements.

Picnic Backpack and Blanket Set

Carry all your picnic equipment easily with the help of this handy backpack. (Source: Amazon)

$67.99 $99.99 at Amazon

Are picnic baskets not your favorite carrying tool? Just get this Backpack set instead. It can be a much more convenient way to carry all of your essentials to your picnic spot of choice.

This backpack is made with durable fabric to hold everything you need for a delicious meal. The insulated bag comes with four sets of dishwasher-safe stainless steel flatware and mealtime plates. It also has a blanket, four wine glasses, a bottle holder, a cheese knife, a wine opener, a salt/pepper shaker and a bamboo cutting board. Perfect for a classic cheeseboard and your favorite bottle of wine.

Plus, you can choose from multiple colors to carry your picnic essentials in style.

Rubbermaid Food Storage Containers

Keep your deliciously-prepared food fresh before your picnic. (Source: Amazon)

$20.49 at Amazon

Pack up your on-the-go lunch in these Rubbermaid Brilliance Leak-Proof Food Storage Containers. The crystal clear, BPA-free containers are great for storing meals or snacks, making sure they’ll stay secure and fresh until you’re ready to dig in.

After your picnic, use these containers for meal prepping or for carrying lunch to work. It has built-in vents to make them splatter-resistant in the microwave, so you won’t have to worry about angering your coworkers with a mess.

Picnic Mesh Food Covers

These easy-to-clean mesh food covers are one of the most practical finds this Prime day. (Source: Amazon)

$34.97 at Amazon

Getting bugs and dirt on food can turn a warm, sunny picnic upside down. This genius picnic product is worth putting on your next trip packing list to avoid disaster. With its double-layer flap design and top-quality rods and clips, this set of two mesh food covers keeps unwanted pests and outdoor debris at bay. And here’s the real deal: It does its job without compromising your picnic aesthetics. Its classy look rounds out your dining spread so well, making it more Instagram- and Pinterest-worthy. It’s also lightweight, so you won’t have trouble carrying it around with you.

These picnic domes are well worth the investment because they can last for years—and hundreds of Amazon customers agreed. Furthermore, you can use them in various ways, as you see fit. Do you grow crops at home? Use yours to keep insects away from your home-grown veggies. Are you an artist who loves to paint? Place the cover on top of your artwork to protect it while it dries. The list goes on!

PK Waterproof and Sandproof Picnic Blanket

Create a cozy environment for your next picnic with this sandproof and waterproof blanket. (Source: Amazon)

$29.97 $34.97 at Amazon

This extra large blanket has all the luxuries of a cozy inside blanket with the practicality of an outside blanket. It’s both sandproof and waterproof, making it the perfect choice for summer picnics on the sandy beach and dewy grass alike. It’s also machine washable, so any inevitable spills or messes can be conveniently cleaned in a pinch.

This picnic blanket is usually priced at $29.97, but there’s currently an online coupon that can be clipped and applied at checkout for an extra 10% off.

Start planning your picnic now

Get everything you need to plan your perfect picnic in the park today. Everything starts as low as $12, making it an affordable summer fun must-have for those cute outings. Hurry, though, because these sales won’t last, and neither will the summer break!

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