Here’s how to actually keep your cat entertained all day

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No matter what kind of ‘purr-sonality’ your kitty has, they’re sure to love these products. (Source: iStock)

If we asked 100 different cat parents what their cat’s personality was like, we’d likely get 100 different answers. Every cat is unique, all the way down to their nose prints. Some are adventurous, some playful and some just like to lounge around all day. No matter your feline’s ‘purr-sonality,’ they’re sure to love these ‘paw-some’ and helpful products.

You and your cat will love these ‘purr-fect’ products

Keep your frisky felines calm in high-stress situations with these anxiety-relieving liquipaks. (Source: Amazon)

$29.99 at Amazon

These anxiety-relieving lick packs are guaranteed to be ten times more effective than chewable anxiety relief treats. It’s a great way to relax your cat from anxiety or aggression without making them overly drowsy. And they’re fast-acting, taking effect in 30 minutes to an hour. Be sure to give these all-natural anxiety relievers a try the next time you take your fur baby on a road trip, on a plane or simply on a trip to the vet.

This pet backpack protects your cat from the sun’s rays with its tinted window. (Source: Amazon)

$59.49 $99.00 at Amazon

Take your adventurous cat out of the house with this cat backpack carrier from PetKit. The large window provides them with a great view for exploring their world from the safety of a backpack. Thanks to the carrier’s Coanda Effect ventilation system, there’s also enough air circulation to keep them comfortable when you’re out and about. Take advantage of this 40% deal on Amazon before it’s gone.

This PetSafe product’s dishwasher-safe design means easy cleanup. (Source: Amazon)

$7.95 $8.95 at Amazon

Use the Petsafe Slimcat Feeder Ball to encourage exercise while giving your cats some treats. Whether you fill this little ball with kibble or dry treats, your kitty is going to love chasing it around. Watch them bat this little toy around, coaxing the dry treats out in a manner that promotes eating in smaller portions to improve their digestion. Get your feline friend this feeder ball while it’s over 11% off on Amazon.

The lightweight design of this tent makes setup quick and easy. (Source: Amazon)

$22.99 at Amazon

Give your cat the outside time they deserve without worrying about them getting lost with this pop-up outside tent from Fooubaby. Whether you’re on a camping trip or just chilling on the patio, you can bring your cat with you everywhere you go with this tent.

The non-slip texture of this toy’s base ensures this toy stays upright during play. (Source: Amazon)

$11.99 $15.99 at Amazon

If your kitty is constantly asking for more playtime, it’s time to introduce them to this best-selling cat toy. The three-tiered toy from UPSKY is perfect for cats who don’t mind playing by themselves. Watch as they bat the colorful, jingly balls around over and over. Grab this cat toy while it’s 25% off on Amazon.

This wall hammock can hold up to 40 pounds. (Source: Amazon)

$35.79 at Amazon

More relaxed cats will love this Fukumaru wall hammock. Not only will they be able to survey their space from a cozy height, but it will make your cat feel more secure too. The solid wood frame means you don’t have to worry about your larger feline friends being unstable as they lounge around on this wall hammock.

Indulge your kitty with these super cool products. Whether your kitty is excitable or chill, there’s something ‘paw-some’ for every kind of cat here. Be sure to grab these products today.

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