Highest Paying Careers in Kenya

Different careers pay in Kenya according to scarcity as well as the relevant field. There are some lowly ranked careers that remunerate highly while some don’t. However, the following are the highest paying careers in Kenya

Doctors and Surgeons

To be a doctor you need years of studying in order to be a complete package. Therefore, it’s only fair that they are some of the best paid professionals across the globe. The average pay in Kenya is Kshs 214,000. Neurosurgeons earn up to Kshs 650,000 to more.

Judges and Lawyers

Judges earn quite a lot due to their delicate responsibilities. They earn between Kshs 200,000-700,000.

Additionally, lawyers are some of the best paid professions in Kenya. They earn an average monthly salary of Kshs 133,000. Most experienced ones can up to Kshs 2 million.


Architecture is one of the highest paying careers in Kenya. They make an average of Kshs 181,000. Due to the increased development in the recent years the sector has gradually grown to be very lucrative.

Top Finance Executives

The finance sector is one of the best paying sectors in Kenya even though it has so many numbers. Finance managers earn between Kshs 113,000-360,000 in some of the top companies. Their average pay is Kshs 231,000 per month.

Bank Managers

Bank managers are responsible for huge amounts of money. Therefore, they earn large sums of cash that range from Kshs 180,000-550,000.

Chief Executive Officers

Being in charge of organisations is a huge task. Therefore, CEOs earn huge packages that can go from Kshs 170,000-500,000.

College Professors

Becoming a professor needs one to have studied quite a lot. For this reason, various college professors are heavily rewarded. They earn between Kshs 140,000-400,000.


This is a sector that has very few professions. Therefore, it almost guarantees you a job once you are done with studies. Averagely pilots earn between Kshs 132,000-420,000.

Marketing Directors

Marketing directors are tasked at increasing sales for their companies. They are paid huge sums of cash for a reason. Their salaries range from Kshs 100,000-300,000

Software Engineering

Kenya does not have many software engineers but it is one of the highest paying careers in Kenya. An average software engineer earns an average of Kshs 155,000 per month.



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