How to organize your closet like a pro (and save money)

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Get your closet more organized with these tips and tricks. (Source: iStock)

When you think of the messiest, most disorganized place in your home, is your closet the first place that comes to mind? It’s so easy to just dump everything in there and forget about it until the one thing that you need is buried under a pile of clutter and you have to spend hours looking for it. Think of all the time you could be saving if you knew exactly where everything is when you need it.

Having a clutter-free closet is one of the easiest ways to eliminate unnecessary stress from your life. We went in search of the best ideas to help you get your closet organized. Always find what you’re looking for when you use these organizational hacks for your closet. You can thank us later.

1. Keep watches and other accessories all in one place.

Keep your favorite accessories secure in this display’s small pull-out drawer. (Source: Amazon)

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Watches and small accessories can be the hardest things to find in a cluttered closet so why not keep them all in one place with a stylish display case? You can store this display on a dresser or shelf to make it a sleek focal point in any size closet. Show off up to four timepieces on the top and use the pull-out drawer for other small accessories like sunglasses or cufflinks.

2. Divide your closet shelf for a neat and space-efficient wardrobe

Organize and separate your clothing and linens with these cost-effective closet shelf dividers. (Source: Amazon)

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Standard closets come with one long shelf over the clothing rack which will usually become a huge pile of clothes (some folded, some not so much), towels, handbags, shoes – you name it. If you own it and it’s not on a hanger, chances are you can find it on that shelf. The best way to maximize your shelf space is to add some dividers. can be used to create different sections where you can stack similar clothing together and prevent clothes from toppling over one another making a mess.

3. Store away seasonal items for extra closet space

Keep your seasonal clothes stored safely away with these handy bins. (Source: Amazon)

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Want to save more space? Hide seasonal clothes, blankets, and other clutter in reusable fabric storage bins. Unlike bulky plastic bins, fabric bins can be folded and stored away when they are not in use and take up minimal space when they are in use. You could even take some of your bulkier items out of the closet and store them under your bed when you use , that way you have even more free space in your closet.

4. Use a cap organizer rack to keep your hats looking as good as new

This hanging closet rack makes it easy to store your favorite baseball caps away safely. (Source: Amazon)

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A great collection of baseball and trucker caps can easily get lost in a cluttered closet which is why you need a better alternative than a corner or a bin. Keep your favorite caps wrinkle-free and in tip-top shape when you use a cap organizer. Hang up to ten caps on one hanger and never worry about having to pillage through a mountain of clothes just to end up finding a completely bent cap that no longer looks as good as it did before.

5. Keep all your sunies in one place with a sunglass organizer

You can say goodbye to broken sunglasses thanks to this organizing holder. (Source: Amazon)

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If you love changing up your sunglass style, chances are you have tons of sunies lying around without a case. Protect your eyewear collection with an organizer that not only keeps all your sunglasses in one easy-to-find place but also keeps them from getting scratched. Attach this to a wall or hang it from your closet door, wherever you have it, one thing is certain – you won’t have to go crazy looking for the perfect pair.

Organize your closet with ease

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