Pet cat survives journey stuck in car grille in Aberdeen

Sully in car grille

Sully managed to get stuck in a car

A pet cat has survived a journey stuck in a car grille in Aberdeen.

David Harding arrived at his work at a car dealership on Wednesday morning but it was not the usual purr coming from the front of his car.

Technicians took the bumper off and managed to free the scared feline.

A vet close to Mr Harding’s home was able to contact owner Cate Cowe as the cat – called Sully – was microchipped, and they were reunited after what was about a three-mile (5km) adventure.

The cat turned up in Mr Harding’s Hyundai Tucson at the Porsche Centre in the city’s Wellington Road after travelling from the Garthdee area.

“I went to work as normal and went to park the car and heard a strange noise,” Mr Harding said.

“I followed the noise and found the cat behind the front grille.

“We managed to get it out. It was a bit scared and ran about the workshop. One of the apprentices took it to the vet.”

Sully had a good sleep after his adventure

He added: “I think I have actually seen it before in the local area – but never in the car.”

Paul Kelly, the managing partner at the dealership, said four technicians worked to free the “petrified” cat.

Ms Cowe then got a call from vets after three-year-old black and white Sully was scanned.

“He goes out at night, he’s quite the wanderer.” she told BBC Scotland.

“It was really bad rain so he has probably taken shelter in the car and got trapped.

“When he was picked up he was a bit tired and stressed, but now he’s had a good sleep.”

She added: “I’m just glad he’s safe – and glad that he’s chipped. Luckily it’s a happy story. He’s something else.”

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