Spark creativity with a new hobby that’s only costs $8 to try

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Find a new hobby and relieve your stress with this inclusive embroidery kit. (Source: iStock)

Having a hobby can help regulate anxiety and stress. To decompress and wind down from the pace of daily life, everyone needs something they can rely on to calm themselves. Of course, it can be difficult trying to figure out what hobby works for your personality and budget. Fortunately, we’ve found that embroidery is a simple and inexpensive hobby that anyone can pick up.

Hand embroidery is stitching a picture, logo or name onto a canvas cloth with a needle and thread. It’s an art that you can think of as coloring images with yarn on canvas instead of markers or paint on paper. The possibilities of what you can embroider are endless. When starting, we recommend trying to embroider hats, clothing, tote bags or even just extra strips of fabric for practice.

Embroidering by hand is an ideal hobby for anyone trying to develop a sense of patience while creating a beautiful piece of artwork. Since it instills such an important value, you can make this a family hobby with kids who are old enough to use a sewing needle. Just give them a beginner pattern to stitch or work together to design something new and unique.

While it can be time-consuming it can be to find the necessary materials for a new hobby, we’ve done the hard work for you to find a beginner-friendly embroidery kit by BERYA. It includes everything you need to begin your hand embroidery journey for just under $8 on Amazon.

Make art and destress

This embroidery kit comes in nine available patterns. (Source: Amazon)

$7.99 at Amazon

This BERYA Embroidery Kit is just right for beginners. With the included color threads, embroidery scissors, embroidery hoops and needles, you won’t have to worry about buying more supplies in order to finish your first design. Although this kit includes a beautiful pattern to start with, you can use your own drawings as a pattern and stitch those as well.

Amazon reviewers agree that this embroidery kit is essential for anyone starting to embroider. One Amazon shopper loved their kit so much that they say in their five-star review:

“Do not hesitate, purchase now! Especially if you want to keep yourself busy and be creative. Definitely a great purchase for a beginner […] This was a first for me and I am very happy I chose this exact product to start with. It’s awesome to learn as you go with this, the instructions are helpful […] Recommend this for sure. Get it and have fun with it!”

Since it’s relatively inexpensive, we recommend grabbing as many of the patterns as you like. Try hand embroidery as your new hobby today for just under $8 and enjoy the sense of calm it brings.

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