Speak infotainment platform launches with Farmingdale event



A trio of local entrepreneurs are launching a new public speaking program that debuts with a pop-up event in Farmingdale this week. 

Called Speak, the public-speaking platform was created by business consultant George Andriopoulos, CEO of Launchpad Five One Six, and his partners Jason Martin, CEO of PFSMedia and Fred P. Banny, CEO of Banny Enterprises. 

The venture, which kicks off with an event at 7 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 17 at Stage 317 in Farmingdale, features presenters with ideas and stories to tell. Each of the short talks are between six and 10 minutes long presented in storytelling style. 

Andriopoulos previously served as organizer and executive producer at TEDxFarmingdale, an independently organized TED (technology, entertainment and design) event, while Banny and Martin served as co-producers. He has also produced and spoken at other various TEDx events. 

“I have produced and participated in numerous events at traditional speaking venues for platforms like TEDx.  It became clear to us that a gap exists for speakers that want to tell their stories and inspire others,” Andriopoulos said in a written statement. “At Speak events, our presenters are storytellers who offer their insightful and thought-provoking, as well as entertaining talks. Our goal with Speak is to become a global platform with curated events that gives speakers an opportunity to share in a different and meaningful way with audiences in person and online.” 

Presenters at the first Speak event include Monica Harris, an author and attorney; Kate Kelly, an executive recruiter; Mark Fujiwara, a certified portfolio manager; Dana Lopez, director of Marketing and Communications for The INN; Angelique Santana, chef, owner and founder of Eat With Angelique; Nick Prefontaine, a motivational speaker; Joe Ocasio, professional wrestler and personal trainer; Meridith Grundei, an award-winning theater director and producer; Tony Flores, neurology researcher and cryptocurrency investor; and Chef Marc Anthony Bynum, three-time champion of Food Network’s “Chopped” and chef-owner at The Hush Truck and The Pie Hole. 

“Every Speak talk will feature three key moments: a moment of truth, a moment of transformation and a moment of impact,” Andriopoulos said. “I am certain that audiences and speakers will find what we are doing captivating, inspiring and memorable.” 

Tickets for the Farmingdale Speak event are $50 and can be purchased at Attendance for the event is limited to 100 people. 


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