Storage solutions for your tiny apartment bathroom starting at just $11

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You can get your little bathroom straightened up in no time with some of these helpful storage items from Amazon. (Source: iStock)

Studio apartment owners, all eyes over here! Just because you have a small home, doesn’t mean you can’t achieve your dream interior. We know small bathrooms can be a pain to deal with every day. Perhaps it feels even more cramped because of all the toiletries and grooming tools you’re throwing into it. Don’t worry because Amazon has a bevy of discounted storage solutions to offer.

Make your apartment bathroom aesthetically pleasing and functional with Amazon’s affordable storage hacks. Starting at just $15, you can declutter all the different parts of your bathroom. Check them out below.

The ultimate space saver: shower curtain organizer

This all-in-one storage solution can be every tiny shower owner’s lifesaver. (Source: Amazon)

$25.92 at Amazon

Nothing beats this Maytex Shower Curtain and Bath Organizer for keeping your shower essentials organized and accessible. This clever tool doubles the shower curtain’s functionality by serving as a waterproof drape and a storage solution with nine multi-size pockets. This shower curtain organizer is made of plastic mesh, so it’s quick-dry and easy to clean. This liner is quite plain, so it is a good option for lining your stylish shower curtains.

The dead space utilizer: expandable under-the-sink rack

Keep all those cleaning and hygiene products in one place with this innovative under-the-sink organizing rack. (Source: Amazon)

$22.87 $29.99 at Amazon

Another bathroom space-eater is the cleaning products and tools you shove everywhere. Organize your unused under-the-sink space and store your items using this simple shelf organizer. It’s a perfect hack for renters who are not allowed to do major apartment upgrades because it requires no-drill installation. With this two-tier organizer, you can put all your stuff in one place and even have more room to spare. It’s sturdy and expandable, so you can rearrange it to fit different cabinet sizes and sink pipes.

For a clutter-free cabinet: 4-compartment organizer

The portable solution for sorting and storing your cosmetics and beauty products. (Source: Amazon)

$14.99 $17.99 at Amazon

Amazon’s Choice in Bathroom Sink Vanity Trays, this plastic organizer can end your chaotic drawer nightmare. You’ll no longer have to pull everything out and make a mess whenever you need your skincare, makeup and shaving products. The one-pull, removable drawer is perfect for stashing small products you need daily, while the four compartments on top can house your makeup brushes and beauty supplies.

For wall-mount storing: adhesive caddy organizer

Get the ample storage space you need with this adhesive shower shelf organizer. (Source: Amazon)

$35.99 at Amazon

Decluttering a bathroom countertop is easy when you have roomy built-in cabinets. For tiny spaces lacking storage, this adhesive caddy organizer is the best alternative. It has extra-large shelves perfect for large shampoo bottles and other essentials, while the four movable hooks let you hang washcloths and loofahs. The strong adhesive strips help make installation quick and easy.

These Hefty freezer bags can make your space more compact and liveable. (Source: Amazon)

$11.53 $14.41 at Amazon

Hefty’s heavy-duty quart bags are a must-have for any kitchen. These expandable bags are particularly great for freezers, whether you’re storing raw meat, fruit, vegetables or soup. Its reliable seal very rarely snags and will protect your food from harmful freezer burn. The seal even clicks closed to let you know when it’s safe to put away.

These Hefty storage bags are designed extra thick so you shouldn’t have to worry about leakage, plus they’re easy to write on so you can label your food as needed. Be sure to clip the coupon at checkout to save 20% off your purchase.

Utilize every last bit of your bathroom space

Turn your cramped, tiny bathroom into a shelfie-worthy one with one of these top-quality organizers, and transform your home.

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