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The Financial Advantages of Opting for an Uncontested Divorce


Divorce is never easy, but it doesn’t have to be a bruising battle. Both parties can file an uncontested divorce when they agree on key issues. This type of divorce is quicker and cheaper than a contested divorce and can help couples avoid unnecessary financial stress. Here are some of the major economic advantages of opting for an uncontested divorce:

You Don’t Have to Go to Court

Divorces are expensive, but an uncontested divorce is generally less so. This is because the couple normally agrees with most of their terms. This means the process can be handled quickly and with fewer court appearances. This can also keep the entire experience less stressful. The last thing you want during a difficult time is to argue with your spouse before a judge. It is especially important to keep the case uncontested if you have children. They will have to interact with both of you for the rest of their lives, so try to make that interaction as amicable as possible. A contested divorce can easily lead to burn bridges and anger, making it impossible for you to get along in the future.

You Can Save Time

A contested divorce can take up a significant amount of time as you and your spouse battle in court over end-of-marriage issues. An uncontested divorce can eliminate this time-consuming process and save you both the cost of legal fees and lost work hours. Contested litigation is a lengthy process that involves filing motions, attending multiple court hearings, and submitting tons of personal information to your spouse’s attorney. An uncontested divorce can significantly reduce these steps and allow you to leave your marriage quickly. Having the help of a qualified uncontested divorce Tampa attorney is critical to ensure that all legal documents are properly drafted, and any potential issues are identified.

You Can Preserve Your Marital Funds

An uncontested divorce is less expensive than a contested one because it does not require lengthy legal disputes. This can lead to lower divorce attorney fees and court costs for both parties. When you put assets in a trust before marriage, they may not be considered marital property in a divorce. However, blending them with joint funds during your wedding or using them to pay bills could become fair game for a judge.

If you choose to get an uncontested divorce, you can avoid these issues by reaching a mutual understanding of your assets and debts before going to court. This can also help reduce the stress and emotional strain on you, your spouse, and your children. It also prevents your personal information from being aired in public.

You Can Save Money on Legal Fees

An uncontested divorce does not involve a trial, which helps to keep the proceedings private. In contrast, a contested divorce makes the financial and personal information shared during the process public through court documents. The lack of lengthy court battles also reduces the negative impact on children, allowing them to move forward with their lives more quickly. It can also promote a more positive co-parenting relationship between spouses and minimize resentment during this challenging time. In addition, completing the divorce without a trial can save attorneys’ billable hours. This results in savings on attorney fees for both parties. Staying organized can also help to decrease the number of times you must call or email your attorney, further reducing legal expenses.

You Can Preserve Your Assets

If you have an amicable relationship with your spouse, it may be easier to devise a way to divide your assets. For example, if you co-own a business with your partner, swapping their share for other assets like the family home may be possible. This can save you money on a payout and help avoid the bad feelings accompanying a contested divorce. However, you must carefully disclose all of your assets during a divorce. Otherwise, you could face a fine or jail time. You can also protect your assets by closing joint accounts and moving them into individual accounts. This can prevent your spouse from using marital funds for personal expenses. Additionally, you can put assets into a trust to shield them from financial harm.

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