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The Role of a Family Law Attorney in Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution


There are several different ways that family law disputes can be solved outside of the courtroom. These include negotiation, mediation and collaborative law.

Aside from saving money, these methods can be less stressful for the separating or divorcing couple and their children. However, you must have a family law lawyer on your side during these processes to ensure your rights are protected.

A Family Law Attorney’s Role in Mediation

Family lawyers negotiate and litigate legal issues related to marriage, divorce, adoption, domestic violence, reproductive rights, and other family matters. These legal professionals are well-versed in state family law statutes and have strong people skills. Divorce lawyers help their clients devise a plan for property division, child custody, and spousal support. These individuals can also assist with preparing a prenuptial agreement, which helps protect assets from future financial complications. Many family law attorneys utilize alternative legal strategies, including mediation and collaborative divorce, to resolve their client’s disputes outside the courtroom. This can save time and money and avoid anger in conflicts involving spouses or partners.

A Family Law Attorney’s Role in Negotiation

During divorce proceedings, a family law attorney’s role is to facilitate an amicable resolution. They do this by promoting open communication and finding common ground while mitigating the need for lengthy and costly courtroom battles. When negotiating settlements, a family law attorney Tampa will weigh options and consider how each may affect their client’s rights and interests in the long term. The length of the marriage, levels of jointly-accumulated debt and spousal/child support are just a few factors that family lawyers take into consideration when deciding on a fair settlement proposal.

Successful family law practice requires strong written and verbal communication skills, as with other legal fields. However, it is particularly important to possess strong interpersonal skills due to the deeply personal nature of the issues involved. This allows attorneys to relate to clients calmly and constructively, even during emotionally challenging times.

A Family Law Attorney’s Role in Arbitration

During the mediation process, attorneys for each party sit down with a neutral third party and discuss their case. This helps both sides work through their issues to settle without needing a court hearing. It is less expensive, faster and more convenient than litigation. Finding ways to resolve family disputes outside the courtroom is a large part of a family law attorney’s role. This may include facilitating alternative dispute resolution methods like collaborative divorce. In this method, you and your spouse, as well as separate attorneys trained in collaborative divorce, work together on all the many issues involved in a divorce without standing in front of a judge.

Arbitration is also a popular way to resolve family law disputes, such as child custody and property division. It allows couples to choose an arbitrator, usually a respected retired judge or family law attorney. The arbitration proceedings are conducted in the arbitrator’s office and have a more informal atmosphere than a formal legal hearing.

A Family Law Attorney’s Role in Litigation

A family law attorney is a lawyer who handles legal issues related to domestic relationships, such as divorce proceedings, adoptions, child custody, spousal support, and surrogacy. While most lawyers work on various cases, some specialize in one or more areas of family law. For instance, divorces often involve determining who should be awarded custody of children, how much financial spousal support should be paid, and whether a particular issue like mental cruelty or desertion warrants a reversal of an initial decision. In addition, family attorneys also handle more serious legal matters, such as allegations of child abuse or neglect and other related criminal charges.

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