This $18 hack can fix almost anything

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The DIY world has been turned topsy-turvy by this moldable glue on Amazon. (Source: Amazon)

When something breaks around the house, do you throw it out and buy a new one? Why not save some money, be sustainable and fix it up yourself? To help you on your DIY journey with those repairs, we found this Sugru Multi-Purpose Moldable Glue. It’s sure to become essential to your home-repair arsenal, and it’s just $18 on Amazon!

Grab this game-changing glue while it’s on sale

A revolution in the DIY world allowing you to mold any shape needed for repair. (Source: Amazon)

$17.99 at Amazon

Use Sugru Multi-Purpose Moldable Glue to fix anything from flower pots to various handles. It’s great for repairing broken household items, bonding different objects together, reinforcing various repairs, sealing leaks and even mounting things on your wall-no drilling required. From DIY projects to handiwork around the house, this glue can do it all.

Sugru Multi-Purpose Moldable Glue is super easy to use. Just mold the glue-like putty before putting it in place, then leave it to dry and harden. It’s non-toxic and isn’t runny, making it safe and convenient to use. Thanks to its waterproof, electrically insulated and heat and cold resistant design, you can use the glue for nearly any project without a hassle. Need to adjust to your repair job or project? No worries – this glue is removable too.

Don’t just take our word for why you need Sugru’s glue. One Amazon shopper who left a five-star review loves this glue with ‘1000s of uses’ and says, “The refrigerator handle, part of the detergent dispenser in my washing machine, a picture frame, the button on my TV remote, all are still in use thanks to Sugru. […] You will use Sugru and keep finding new uses for it.”

Be sure to purchase this versatile eight-ack of moldable glue for less today on Amazon and get started on those repairs around the house.

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Originally published August 5, 2022, 9:32 AM

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