This genius wine bottle opener is perfect for wine lovers

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You can make getting to that delicious bottle of wine a bit easier with the help of a handy electric bottle opener. (Source: iStock)

Trying to open a wine bottle with a handheld corkscrew can be a challenging endeavor, if not near impossible. If not done correctly, the cork may split and cause some of the pieces to fall into the wine, ruining the bottle’s integrity. What’s worse, applying too much pressure with a corkscrew may cause the glass to break and cause an accident.

Instead of struggling with a corkscrew, there’s an easy way to open a wine bottle with the push of a button in seconds. With a little help from the Secura Electric Wine Opener, you can safely and quickly open wine bottles automatically. Plus, it’s currently 27% off on Amazon right now.

Enjoy your wine in no time

This innovative automatic wine opener makes it easier than ever to get even the finickiest of corks released from your wine bottle. (Source: Amazon)

$21.99 $29.99 at Amazon

When you get the perfect bottle of wine, you don’t need to struggle with a stubborn cork thanks to Secura Electric Wine Opener. To use you first need to remove the foil from the bottleneck with the included foil cutter. Then place the electric opener over your bottle of wine and press the down button. The electric corkscrew enters the cork and removes it in seconds so you can pour and enjoy a glass of wine faster than ever.

The automatic wine opener operates on rechargeable batteries and includes an ac adapter that plugs into a standard outlet. You also don’t have to worry about serving a large group; the bottle opener can remove up to 30 corks on a full charge. Thankfully, the motor is ultra-quiet and will not create disruptive noises when opening bottles.

This sleek device has an elegant look that will compliment your bar or kitchen countertop. The stainless steel casing with a transparent window highlighting the corkscrew gives the electric opener an attractive appearance. Place the wine opener out on display and turn on the built-in blue LED light to provide some ambiance with a modern flair.

Wine connoisseurs love the simplicity of the Secura Electric Wine Opener which is nearly 30% off! So hurry, and snag this deal before it runs dry.

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