Turn Parts of Your Existing Videos Into Shorts

On July 28, 2022, YouTube announced that it was adding an “Edit into a Short” tool to their Android and IOS apps. This update will enable creators to select a part of an existing long-form YouTube video and convert it into a YouTube Short video. The tool allows creators to edit the clip on the Shorts editor. From there, they can add filters, upload and add existing videos, or record new videos on the Shorts camera and add to it. However, Edit Into a Short will not allow users to convert more than 60 seconds of a video. The video must be the same standard as the YouTube Shorts videos.

According to the announcement on YouTube, a link to the source video will appear in the new Shorts video after you create it. This will be an exciting feature for YouTube creators because the Short videos will help promote the parent YouTube video. It will attract more views, even while YouTube continues to test different ways Shorts creators can make money from the feature. It will also help viewers who like the video to follow the link to the original video instead of searching for it on the creator’s channel.

There are other similar YouTube video editing tools you can use like Cut and Clips. But unlike those tools, this new tool will only be available for your videos on your YouTube channel. You cannot use it to edit videos uploaded by other users.

Ever since Shorts was created in 2020, YouTube has put a lot of focus on it. One is putting up an incentive system for creators. The company has also been automatically converting vertical videos that do not exceed 60 seconds into Shorts. This shows the company’s desire to compete with TikTok, an already established short-form video platform.

In the announcement, YouTube says the new tool “will allow you to bring fresh life to your classic content”. The statement is right in every sense since creators can now dig into their old videos and use them to create Shorts with links back to them.

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