Turn your bathroom into a spa with these luxurious products for up to 64% off

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Nothing beats a relaxing, hot bath after a chaotic day. (Source: iStock)

It’s been a long day. Work was crazy and now you’ve been stuck in traffic for over an hour. All you want is to get home and relax, but you have at least two more stops to make before getting home. Your feet hurt, your back is aching and your head hasn’t stopped pounding since the moment you clocked out.

Don’t you just wish you were driving to the spa right now? An hour of pure relaxation is all you need to feel better, but spa prices can be quite expensive. Fortunately, you can bring the spa home with the help of these great finds on Amazon.

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Save money and reclaim your privacy with this personal waxing kit. (Source: Amazon)

$49.99 $54.99 at Amazon

This Digital Waxing Kit from Kolua Wax has everything you need to create your own waxing spa from home. This digital kit includes a digital blush pink-colored wax warmer, four bags of hard wax beads, pre and post-wax oil, 10 mini and 10 large brow wax applicators and a “How To Wax Guide.” With this kit, you’ll be skipping the salon and becoming a wax pro from home, saving you time and money. It even teaches you the formula to complete all signature waxes from your brows to your bikini line.

This amber jar candle will set a calm mood as the enchanting scent fills the air. (Source: Amazon)

$28.00 at Amazon

What spa worth its salt doesn’t set the ambiance with a sweet-smelling candle? The Sweet Water Decor Calm + Comfort Candle brings the scents of lavender, patchouli and eucalyptus to your bathroom spa. With a 50-hour burn time, this candle will be your go-to scent every time you want to decompress after a long day. These soy candles not only smell great, but they also look great, too. The amber jar with a wood lid is sure to blend in with any decor. Lay back in your tub and let the lovely aromas take you away from your daily stresses.

Make bath time more enjoyable with a tray to hold all your necessities. (Source: Amazon)

$29.96 at Amazon

Now that your bathroom is filled with relaxing scents, it’s time to sit back and relax in the tub. Throw in your favorite bath bomb, some Epsom salts, and toasty warm water to help your tense muscles relax. Now all you need is a tray for your books, tablets and maybe even a glass of wine.

The Home of Home Luxury Bamboo Bathtub Caddy Tray can help you make the most of your nightly bath time. This expandable water-resistant tray is built with high-quality bamboo wood, making it sturdy and durable. It has detachable trays, a wine glass holder, a tablet or book holder, a cup or candle holder and a phone holder. Whether you’re watching your favorite show with a glass of wine or scrolling through social media, this tray will have everything you need at arm’s reach. You can even put the Sweet Water Decor Calm + Comfort Candle on your tray for closer aromatherapy.

These luxurious towels will keep you dry and cozy after your soothing bath or shower. (Source: Amazon)

$21.89 $59.99 at Amazon

All good things must come to an end, so when it’s time to finish your relaxing bath, wrap yourself in comfort with the GLAMBURG Ultra Soft towels. Made of 100% pure ring spun cotton, these towels are durable, absorbent and super soft. Plus, this set is currently on sale for 50% off! Now you can enjoy spa-quality comfort in your home every day.

This eight-piece set includes four washcloths you can use while taking a bath or shower, two oversized bath towels that provide a little extra coziness when you get out of the tub and two hand towels you can use after washing your hands.

Step out of the warm tub onto this plush, absorbent mat. (Source: Amazon)

$19.79 at Amazon

Now that you’re relaxed, warm and toasty, it’s time to get out of the tub, but there’s no need to set foot on a cold bathroom floor. The H.VERSAILTEX Bath Mat is made of the softest microfiber chenille. The thick material is just what you need to relax your tired feet as you finish your luxurious bath. The bath mat is incredibly absorbent and dries quickly so your feet will feel warm and comfy with every step. Throw it in the washing machine to keep it fresh and easily restore its fluff in the drier.

This showerhead combines water and air to provide a smooth, steady stream of water. (Source: Amazon)

$74.23 $114.20 at Amazon

If you’re transforming your bathroom into an oasis, make sure you upgrade your showerhead too. This KOHLER Showerhead is worth checking out. When you hit the shower, you’ll get a powerful, smooth flow that’s a result of a technology that mixes air and water. This showerhead is easy to install and use. Since the surface is protected against mineral buildup, cleaning it is simple too.

This bidet is a sustainable option over using rolls and rolls of toilet paper. (Source: Amazon)

$49.99 at Amazon

Bidets offer a pleasant, gentle experience for you, but they’re also environmentally friendly and hygienic. You can replicate the same spa experience at home with this ultra-thin Brondell Bidet, for just $50. Since it’s thin enough, you don’t have to worry about it causing gaps or preventing the toilet seat from closing properly. It also has two self-cleaning retractable nozzles that sit at the back and front. Both have easy pressure adjustment.

Over time, this spa-like system can save you money. Since it’s powered by water pressure, you won’t have to worry about your electricity bill soaring after installation.

Choose your scent from a variety of oils and heal your inner spirit. (Source: Amazon)

$49.59 $69.95 at Amazon

This Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser changes up to 14 ambient colors for extra calming detail. You can even control the intensity settings and set the timer for up to three hours of continuous use. The beautifully printed wood grain design adds a fine touch to any interior decor so it will blend perfectly with your unique style. This essential oil diffuser contains a convenient auto-shutoff feature when it reaches low water levels.

If you’re ready for a nice, relaxing self-care day, then this Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Gift Set will be your ultimate necessity. Take advantage of this sale and get yours for under $45 on Amazon, with an extra 15% off coupon.

Turn your toilet seat into a bidet with this Kohler upgrade. (Source: Amazon)

$109.95 at Amazon

Bring this popular French product to your bathroom. The manually operated Kohler Non-Electric Bidet allows you to control the position and intensity of the spray so you can adjust for your comfort with no need for electricity.

All the powerful bidet needs is a connection to the toilet water supply line, and it includes all of the connections to do just that. It features a quiet lid that slowly and silently closes so there’s no slamming. The bidet automatically rinses after each use, thanks to the self-rinsing wand. It’s easy to clean, the quick-releasing hinges let you easily remove it to clean — no tools needed.

This faucet’s corrosion and tarnish-resistant finish helps it last for years. (Source: Amazon)

$269.92 $500.10 at Amazon

Enhance your routine skincare experience with the Kohler Simplice Faucet. You may not typically see this style of a faucet in a bathroom, but why not? It gives you so much more room to cleanse your face, wash your hair or even bathe your baby.

This faucet has a pull-down sprayer which can make washing your face way easier since it allows you to control water with just one hand. Meanwhile, the spray head’s three functions each help for a different action. Use Ring for everyday cleansing, Boost to increase the water flow by 30% and Sweep Spray to angle the nozzle for a more powerful spray. Don’t miss this must-have faucet while it’s still nearly 50% off!

Save on bathroom upgrades

Take the stress out of your day by turning your bathroom into your very own spa. With these amazing finds on Amazon, you’ll never want to leave the luxury of your bathroom.

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